Web Services

Web Services

Cascade Updates

  • We currently are not granting new editing access to Cascade. We are in the process of correcting website accessibility issues across all departments and reviewing content for ADA standards. 
  • Cascade Users that did not take the required ADA Web Accessibility training have been disabled and will not be allowed back into the system without taking the training.
  • Sharing Cascade and Wufoo login credentials or granting another user access to Cascade/Wufoo is a security violation and will result in the removal of the account.
  • Access to represent/speak for JSU to the public online must be handled by individuals that have received proper training and agree to adhere to the JSU Web Policy.

University Wide Web Content Projects

Degree/Program Pages

We are implementing a new, streamlined method of promoting JSU's degrees/programs to potential students. This will give prospective students a single location to view all degrees and maintain a consistent look and message. We have made an online "Degree Information" form to collect degree data from each department to construct the new pages.

Degree/Program Information Form

Once all of academic departments have submitted their degree/program data, we will completely revamp the overall JSU Degrees page from being a simple listing of degrees to a separate webpage for each degree (with photos, videos, etc). This will give prospective students a single location to view all degrees and maintain a consistent look and message. This will make it easier to promote academic degrees by having them in one location.

Since it will take a while to get all of the degree/program info from every department in all of the colleges, we will not wait to use the collected information. We will use the collected information to rework existing departmental pages that describe their degrees/programs. Once we have everything collected, we will move the degree/program info from the departmental sites the new Degree/Program site. This will be the single hub where all degrees are equally promoted and visible.

Demo Degree Information Website

Examples of degree pages that have already adopted the new structure:

Full campus participation is critical to the launch of the new one-stop degrees/programs site. Please contact JSU Web Services if you have questions.

Faculty/Staff Pages

We are starting to implement a new structure for Faculty/Staff pages and bio pages.  This is to maintain consistency/quality across all departments.  A form must be completed for each faculty/staff member of a department before we can redesign the departmental Faculty/Staff listing. Please contact Web Services to start this process for your College and we will work to collect all necessary information.

Faculty/Staff Information Form